We live in uncertain times – record deficits, falling U.S. dollar, record high oil prices, housing crisis, international conflicts. Any of these factors could affect your financial security. Reckless government spending and economic mismanagement have only made the situation worse. Can you trust the government or financial institutions to protect your financial security for your retirement or other investments? If you want to hold real wealth that survives when government fall, acquire GOLD and SILVER.

When flat currencies collapse, precious metals increase in value.

Some of the factors identified by precious metals analyst’s which may positively affect future gold prices include:

  • The uncertainty of the U.S dollar
    The dollar has fallen to record lows against a number of major currencies. Many experts expect the dollar to fall further as the Federal Reserve continue to lower interest rates to prevent the U.S. economy from falling into a depression. Analysts believe a falling dollar generally results in higher gold process.

    Global demand for gold is outstripping supply
    According to the World Gold Council, while supply "remained constrained. "global demand for gold jewelry alone is up 37% from last year. Fundamentals regarding supply and demand should send gold prices higher.

    Foreign governments are shifting their dollar reserves to gold
    Foreign governments and banks hold approximately Five Trillion U.S. dollars with China alone holding more than One Trillion U.S. dollars. According to experts, even a modest move from dollars to gold and other commodities could drive the dollar lower and gold prices higher.

    Oil prices have reached record high
    With OPEC’s commitment to high oil prices, the geopolitical uncertainly in the Middle East, and increasing world demand, many experts are predicting oil will rise above $170 per barrel. Higher oil prices can fuel inflation which often positively affects gold.